M8: Mindful Explorations

Thank you for taking part in the creation and launch of our new meditation course, “M8: Mindful Explorations w/ Joshua Rex” This 8-week program is designed to cultivate the attitudes of mindfulness through a digitally-formal introduction to mindfulness. Your Course starts by joining the M8 Facebook group. This group will be the space where we will share different resources, Facebook live meditations and Q&As, and some inquiries to help you get the most from your practice.

On March 4th, 2019 the course officially begins at 11:00am MT (1pm ET). Do you already have something scheduled at that time, that’s ok the session is recorded for you to listen to at your convenience. We will have 8 weekly sessions at this time, to introduce you to the different meditations. These 1- hour Zoom sessions are where you will be able to interact live with me as we explore the different meditations from this course. These sessions will be mostly practice based. Please set some time aside when you can meditate. A place to sit, lay down, or where you can be still and listen in. Also, i advise you to not be on the road when you listen. Sit down, and take 1 hour of your week to be mindful. Even if you have to listen to it at another time. SIT, and Listen then.

Between meeting each week I will send you some readings, handouts, and digital downloads to assist in practicing the meditations and Mindful practices introduced in this course.

So Here it is:

  1. 8 Week Online MBSR-based Meditation Course (8- 1 hour sessions) (+Audio recordings)
  2. Private Facebook Group (Facebook lives, Q&As, and other meditation resources)
  3. 8 audio guided-meditation downloads
  4. Handouts, readings and other digital content
  5. Whatever you experience along the way!!!!


The Monday’s leading up to the course people who are registered can join in the discussion and inquiry as we  create this program together.  If you purchase during the pre-sell bonus time, you can jump into the course and already start receiving the benefits. P

There are some other benefits that I will passing along to my pre-sale members, but those details will be given inside the Facebook group.

To register go to the following link CLICK HERE. After registering you will be asked to fill out a quick google form, the information gathered will be used to share information about this course with you. Upon completion you will be given the link to your Facebook Group.

See you inside the Facebook Group

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Ask about our Meditation Teacher Training option. With 20 continueing education units with Yoga Alliance. To register for program or to inquire. Please email: japajoshua@gmail.com

If you have any questions please send an email to japajoshua@gmail.com

To register go to the following link CLICK HERE.