M8: Mindful Explorations w/Joshua Rex & other sessions.

Welcome to the NothingCreated.com, the website of Joshua Rex.

On March 4, 2018 we will launch the “M8:Mindful Explorations w/Joshua Rex” course.

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This 8 week journey will explore different mindfulness based meditations, and how to incorporate mindful practices so that you cultivate the Eight Attitudes of Mindfulness (Beginner’s Mind, Non-Judgment, Acknowledgment, Non-Striving, Equanimity, Letting Be, Self-Reliance, Self-Compassion).

This Course will fill up quick it is priced at $50 with a value of $250+, it includes a Dynamic Facebook group to share and unpack the practices with daily inquiries, 8 Live meditation sessions that will be recorded for replay, and if that’s not enough digital recordings of the meditations introduced for you to practice at home or on your smart device. These recordings and other resources will be yours to keep. It’s a pretty great deal. This is a developmental Course, and within 24-horus from registering you will join the Facebook group where some pre-course meditation resources will be shared. What are you waiting for, REGISTER AT: Tinyurl.com/CultivateM8


Currently taking New Students and Clients. BOOK HERE


Sign up for a Reiki and Energy Tuning session today. Each session includes a mixture of hands on healing techniques, essential oils and herbs, singing bowls and other sound instruments, as well as mantra and meditation.

To sign up for your first Session CLICK BELOW

$35 for 30 MINUTES

$60 for 60 MINUTES

$90 for 90 MINUTES



Sign up for a Guided Meditation session that is personalized for your comfort and needs. Joshua Rex is formally trained in Mindfulness Meditation, and also carries training in Transcendental, Mantra, Astral Projection, Yoga Nidra, Zen, and others. Each meditation is unique, and can be recorded and downloaded for future use.*


$20 for 30 Minute Session

$100 for 6 Sessions

  • Recordings of sessions are made available for purchase. Please ask about this during your intake call.



Mindfulness Coaching is the signature support sessions offered by Joshua Rex. Drawing from his years of experience in Spiritual, Life, and Student Support, these session delve into the complex nature of Reality and assist clients in creating Actions and Vision Plans that support their wants and needs. Mindfulness Coaching is perfect for anyone going through or considering a major life change such as Changing Careers, Navigating new/old relationships, Health/Lifestyle changes, Coming Out, and a variety of others.


1 Hour Session ($45)

5 Sessions ($200= $40 per session)


Currently taking New Students and Clients. BOOK HERE

For information about upcoming workshops, classes, and events please follow him on Twitter or on our Facebook page.

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